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Sep 17 12:00 PM

Sep 24 12:00 PM

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Arts education programme Blank Canvases and anti-bullying character education charity Thinking Forward have enlisted eight students from Central Academy Toronto for the Beautiful Waste art installation.

The Beautiful Waste project will engage children, youth and families in the creation of a massive art installation made of the “beautiful waste” created in our city. This project will explore the history of Toronto's waterfront being created from landfill. Through these stories we will have children and youth participate in a discussion around the possibilities of creating an ecological and sustainable future of creativity and problem solving through art making.

The CTA students and Blank Canvases Artist Educators will lead art workshops where they will ask participants about their vision for the future. Participants will create a “telescope” made from a water bottle around their vision. The telescopes will be installed on site throughout the festival, and the public will be able to see the many different perspectives for the future.

The objective is to have each participant turn their waste into an object of beauty.

Water bottles come at an environmental cost as landfills in the US are overflowing with 2 million tons of single use water bottles [source: The Water Project]. With our up-cycling art making processes, we are trying to divert as much “waste” from landfill as possible.

“We wanted to create a beautiful project using waste in a positive way. We also wanted this to be an interactive and community-based experience”, says Blank Canvases Education Director, Natalie Kauffman.

Simultaneously, the CTA youth will be engaging in character and team building workshops to develop a sense of responsibility, collaboration, and initiative as key components of being leaders in their communities. The youth will continue their workshops in priority elementary schools to further share their work following the festival.

Blank Canvases would like to thank their signature partner, Curry’s Artists’ Materials for providing the new art supplies for the Beautiful Waste project. Blank

Canvases would also like to acknowledge HOK’s contribution to the Blank Canvases art programme.