Kinnie Starr



Policitically charged with an authentic voice and a solid groove


Sep 18 05:45 PM


Small World Music Stage presented by Exodus Travels



Artist Details

Over the last two decades, Kinnie Starr has earned a place as one of the most authentic, original and multidimensional artists of our time. Entirely self-trained, Starr moves from hip-hop to art-pop, folk to EDM with eclectic grace. Her music is fearless, sensual and intuitive, politically charged and melodic, challenging listeners while making them bounce and nod. One of the 5% of female producers worldwide - a growing number that Starr spearheads as a music veteran who has always self-produced. Starr continues to lead the conversation with her 2016 feature length documentary, Play Your Gender.

Starr’s career has taken her around the world -- across Canada, the U.S., Europe and Asia, but she is first and foremost an artist and activist. Her activism began before her career in music as a visual artist, and her current visual work continues to touch on her areas of interest: race, home, family and humanity.

“...edgy and enchanting.” - The New Yorker

“...never didactic, always intelligent.” - The Japan Times

“...raw and feral talent.” - The Globe and Mail