Adam David Brown





Sep 15 - 25



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Project Description:
Adam David Brown’s Moonlight explores illumination as the realm of both the celestial and commercial. Fascinated by science and language, the Toronto-based artist’s work often addresses systems of knowledge and their influences on our understandings of the world around us. Beckoning visitors with its vintage 1970s typeface, his monumental, free-standing sign broadcasts an image of the moon’s surface. Despite its photographic simulation of the moon’s cold light, Brown’s sign betrays an underlying artificiality: like many things in a theme-park environment, Moonlight offers a glimpse at something sublime and fantastical, but only ultimately delivers a muted version of the experience it promises.

Adam David Brown is a multidisciplinary artist living in Toronto, Canada. His work is guided by the principle of “less is more”, and is frequently generated by his interest in science, language and the passage of time. A graduate of the Ontario College of Art and Design, he completed his Masters of Fine Art at the University of Guelph in 2007. Adam has exhibited work in Canada, Europe, Central America and the United States. His solo exhibition at MKG127 in 2009 was reviewed by Artforum and Canadian Art and brought his work to the attention of the Toronto Friends of the Visual Arts who awarded him their 2009 Artist Prize. He was recently awarded an Artist Grant by the Ontario Arts Council and a Project Grant by the Canada Council For the Arts. His work is held in various private, public and corporate collections. Adam is represented by MKG127.