Greg Staats presented by the TOM





Sep 15 - 25




Greg Staats, Kanien'kehá:ka (Mohawk), Six Nations of the Grand River Territory.

transformer, video and sound, 08:45;00, 2016.

Staats' photographic, video and sculptural works are a study of the Haudenosaunee restorative aesthetic and event based actions that define condolence. transformer is activated via reciprocity of the body/receptacle and the layered recordings of live video feedback installations, parts made on site. This creates a repetitive analog signals replicating the intense oratory and performative phenomena of condolence and a mnemonic visual. This liminal space offers a temporal unfolding and a metaphysical embrace. The message absorption of the signal/notification of renewal white wampum strings, (conduits of codified quahog shell beads) is at once a personal confrontation of metaphysical displacement and continuum of performative burdens of condolence to elevate the mind and to countervail complex trauma, dissociation and the existential loss of self, further amplified with my attempts at language; Kanien'kehá:ka as the entry point.

Greg Staats, Kanien'kehá:ka (Mohawk), (b. Ohsweken, Six Nations of the Grand River Territory). Staats’ lens-based work, video installation/performance and sculpture, combines language, mnemonics and the natural world as an ongoing process of visualizing a Haudenosaunee restorative aesthetic that defines relational multiplicities with trauma and renewal. Trauma that is felt from an existential displacement from the Kanien'kehá:ka language and subsequent relational worldview, has motivated recent sequencing within a mnemonic continuum. In place of this systemic linguistic deficit, Staats has assembled and created an archive of images and documents, both personal and familial. Installation works combine, the performative burdens of condolence, renewal and his continuously re-imagined role as observer and participant, in an effort to elevate the mind and countervail complex trauma, dissociation and loss of self. This archive, an externalization of what is carried within the body, a repository, has enabled Staats to move toward renewal in dialogue with the psychic space where the overwhelming is held. Solo exhibitions include: articule, McMaster Museum of Art, KWAG, Walter Philips Gallery, Banff, Mercer Union, Gallery TPW, Trinity Square Video/Images festival. Group exhibitions include; AGYU, the National Gallery of Canada, MOCNA, Sante Fe, AGSM, Brandon. Staats has lived and worked in Toronto since 1985.

The Artist wishes to acknowledge the generous financial support of The Banff Centre during a thematic residency program, The Ontario Arts Council, an agency of the Government of Ontario and the Canada Council for the Arts/ Conseil des arts du Canada.