Labspace Studio





Sep 15 - 25




Project Description:
Toronto-based sustainable arts enterprise Labspace Studio (John Loerchner & Laura Mendes) intervenes into the side of one of Ontario Place’s silos in Passage, embedding sections of old canoes. Mirroring the state of Toronto’s historic and fractured portage route that once connected Lake Ontario to the Northern Great Lakes, Passage reflects on the canoe as a symbol of Canadian heritage. Exploring the original purpose of silos at Ontario Place (as pavilions dedicated to educating Torontonians about Ontario’s North), Labspace Studio questions Toronto’s current relationship to its waterfront. Passage’s truncated, damaged canoes suggests a need for newfound care, reclamation, and reconnection to Ontario’s waterways.

Labspace Studio is a Toronto-based creative agency and collective run by Co-Directors John Loerchner and Laura Mendes. Their projects and curatorial initiatives are often site-specific and participatory in nature, blurring the lines between art and life, incorporating elements of sculpture, installation, multimedia and user-generated content. They aim to create work that explores and uncovers the intricate connections between people and places. Recent projects include commissions for Nuit Blanche Brussels, Nanaimo's Public Art Program, ILLUMINUS Boston, Maison des Arts de Laval, Toronto’s Pam Am Games, Harbourfront Centre, Art Souterrain, Nuit Blanche Toronto, Art in Transit, and No.9 Contemporary Art & The Environment.