Marcia Huyer



Psssttthhffff (the sound of air leaving a balloon)


Sep 15 - 25



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Project Description:
Psssttthhffff is an inflated Mylar balloon that meticulously replicates NASA's lunar lander, the Mighty Eagle. Psssttthhfff pursues the subject of utopianism and felt failures. It reflects our inherent desire to aspire for something better.
Although the form of the silver balloon references a lunar lander it is inherently pathetic in its attempt to mimic such an angular, highly scientific structure. When fully inflated the work's centre of gravity is skewed: instead of cooperating to its design, the form flops sideways, pressing up against the ceiling, and the mechanical legs become anthropomorphic. Psssttthhfff is fabricated by hand with basic tools such as scissors, tape, and a hot iron. The seams and joints slowly leak air, crinkling and reforming the material.

Marcia Huyer is an installation-based artist living and working in Toronto. She received an MFA from the University of Victoria and an AOCAD from the Ontario College of Art and Design (now OCADU). Huyer has been the recipient of a SSHRC grant as well as other awards. Her work has been shown in festivals and public institutions across Canada. In 2013, she participated in a two-month residency in Sackville, New Brunswick hosted by Struts Gallery. Past exhibitions include Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, Victoria, BC; ODD Gallery, Dawson City, YK; Eastern Edge, St.Johns, NL. She has participated in Scotiabank's Nuit Blanche, Toronto; CAKFA, Kitchener, ON and THIRD SHIFT, Saint John, NB.