Markus Heckmann





Sep 15 - 25



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Project Description:
Markus Heckmann’s transduktor occupies the site that once housed “The Wild World of Weather”’s fog display in one of Ontario Place’s educational silos. Using fog as a means to channel light, Heckmann projects patterns into the hazy cloud, giving the impression of a moving form. Underpinned by atmospheric sound, transduktor contrasts the heavy interior air with the hollow openness of the silo, and reflects on the distortions and illusions inherent in human perception. While transduktor generates images, sounds, and vaporous forms, it also draws attention to their own transience—as fleeting sensations that disperse and change state before our eyes.

Markus Heckmann was born 1977 in Leipzig, GDR. He attended the University Ilmenau and Bauhaus University Weimar studying Media-technology. He left university in January 2006 to work as a Technical Director with Derivative, the makers of TouchDesigner, in Toronto, Canada. Heckmann’s personal endeavours have always tended to combine the aesthetic aspects of generative computer graphics with the almost physical aspects of light. Feeling very comfortable in a club setting, he started performing as a vj under the moniker “Farbraum Lenkungs Aktiv” at parties in his hometown of Leipzig and continues this practise, while now less frequent, under the name “Wüstenarchitekten” in Toronto. A collaboration with electronic musician Matt Thibideau in 2014 resulted in “reclusion”, an AV show presented at Mutek’s AVisions series as well as at the inaugural “Day For Night 2015” Festival in Houston, Texas. After a collaboration with Toronto based artist Rui Pimenta which was selected for the 2010 25fps Festival in Zagreb, a series of works in Pimenta’ s Gallery as well as at Pimenta’ s initiated Art Spin events had Heckmann explore the possibilities of installation based art. Aside from a collection of fake information visualizations and a singular experiment in interactivity the presented work more and more dealt and deals on the intersection of analog / physical objects or spaces and generated graphics or controlled light with a focus on the light and its presence in space.