Michael Toke





Sep 15 - 25




Project Description:
Occupying a small electrical shed beside Ontario Place’s Cinesphere, Michael Toke’s Beacon plays with the sculptural qualities of light. Coated in silver mylar fringes, Beacon reflects the light of the activities taking place around it, appearing to be generating and emanating its own mysterious rays. Dressing it entirely in this shiny material, Beacon hints at the power inside of the structure it takes over. But the same material that animates the cabin also bars entry to it, in an attempt to activate curiosity and imagination about the nature of this dwelling-like building. Confounding boundaries between domestic and industrial space, Beacon excites the gaze from all angles, offering illumination but teasingly refusing access.

Michael Toke is a Toronto based visual / installation artist, born Hamilton 1964. He attended Sheridan College and the Ontario College of Art 1984-88, then NYC where he worked as Head Assistant to J.S.G. Boggs a commerce based performance artist. Toke Directed and Assistant Directed documentary and narratives films in the early 1990s. Since then, he has been exhibiting internationally in art and film venues. His installations combine painting, photography, video and sculpture hung on a conceptual armature of documentary film practice; they employ interview and draw from the Scientific Method for impetus. "I believe to approach strange, elusive and difficult concepts you must cultivate through discovery; to run experiments through art and medium without preconceived expectation of results. To hope that the viewer discovers with you”. Michael also currently teaches Painting, Colour Theory and Abstraction at The Art Gallery of Ontario.