Sam Noseworthy presented by Ed Video



Island of Misfit Toys


Sep 15 - 25


Film & Video

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Project Description:
Island of Misfit Toys was filmed in real time, created using the sandbox program Garry’s Mod. It is a material exploration of the instability of the machinima filmmaking genre, ever rampant with copyright violation and blundering inclinations to emulate the language of Hollywood. Iconic Gmod ragdolls pulled from Nintendo, Sega and popular film and television series (for no Gmod video would be complete without Shrek) have begrudgingly congregated on a pristine tropical island. Oddly, they are devoid of their typical suspension and posing - a hollow, flickering Sailor Moon floats aimlessly near the shore, and Link finds himself subject to the laws of a vicious physics engine. Extended shots of digital landscapes allow the viewer to contemplate whether they taken their own lives, or if they have they fallen victim to another force.

Originally from Riverview, New Brunswick, Sam Noseworthy is a multidisciplinary artist and MFA candidate at the University of Western Ontario. She is interested in storytelling through appropriation and simulated identities within gaming and internet communities. Drawing, video and machinima are mediums she most often works in. Her online persona consists of a body constructed solely of empty Mountain Dew bottles - add her on Steam (gnomechild69) to say hello!

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