Studio F Minus





Sep 15 - 25




Project Description:
Assembled from garden hoses, sprinklers, bells, chimes, and toy instruments, F#Fountain channels the sounds of water like a massive one-person band. Using the lagoon alongside the Cinesphere as their playground, Studio F Minus’s installation harnesses the power of Lake Ontario to perform a whimsical melody in this large-scale kinetic sculpture. This explosive, jubilant action revives some of the excitement of Ontario Place’s heyday, evoking the nostalgia, celebration, and novelty often associated with visiting a theme park. Reflecting on Ontario Place’s origins as a space where innovation, experimentation, and entertainment met, Studio F Minus delight in the possibilities of water and sound, combined to surprising and impressive effect.

Studio F Minus creates public conversations through public art projects. The firm is the collaborative of artist/architects Mitchell F Chan and Brad Hindson, working with a network of world-class engineers, fabricators, and technologists to create large-scale art projects for broad public audiences. Since its founding in 2008, Studio F Minus been commissioned to produce major public works for cities across Canada, and has exhibited installation works in galleries and public spaces internationally. This year, Studio F Minus is presenting a major public presentation of 175 inflatable sculptures on the Manhattan waterfront, creating a multi-phase public art revitalization project for Brookfield Property Management, and serving as a technical consultant for the City of Toronto’s Luminous Veil project. In December of 2016, Angell Gallery will present a major solo exhibition of work by Studio F Minus co-founder Mitchell F Chan.