Vuk Dragojevic



Sinking of You


Sep 15 - 25



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Project Description:
Vuk Dragojevic’s darkly funny installation, Sinking of You turns Ontario Place’s ambitious vision on its head, imagining a comically-tall character upended in the lake. Mimicking the shape of the thin, vertical pillars that support Ontario Place’s architecturally ambitious pods, Sinking of You creates the opposite sensation: whereas the columns of the pods rise up from the water to support and symbolically elevate the structures above, the legs in Dragojevic’s installation are useless as support structures. In bold colour, the garments worn by the strange figure whose legs make up Sinking of You evoke a funhouse aesthetic, but their inappropriateness for swimming suggest something more grim than carnival fun.

Vuk Dragojevic is a Serbian born, interdisciplinary artist, photographer, and filmmaker based in Toronto. He holds a BFA from OCAD University and has shown work in festivals and exhibitions in Canada, Italy, England and France. His documentary practice focuses on artists and craftsmen who have chosen to work with their hands, in an increasingly digital and automated world. A recent project is Taxidermy is Goodbye, an Ontario Arts Council funded film about Manuel Jan, the owner of the last taxidermy shop in Toronto. Dragojevic’s installation work explores visual perception, metamorphosis, and the ways in which objects move in playful or unexpected ways.