IMAX: Labyrinth (IV)





Sep 18 02:00 PM

Sep 21 08:15 PM


Cinesphere presented by Air France

Cinesphere presented by Air France


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Directed by Roman Kroitor + Colin Low + Hugh O'Connor

Built around the theme of “Man the Hero,” Labyrinth was one of the most ambitious and striking films presented at Expo 67, attracting over a million visitors during its run. Screened in a five-story building with three unique chambers, the multiscreen images in each theatre, when reconciled, present the viewer with a film that challenges us to examine the self, our beginnings, our families, our world, and our impending and inevitable passing.

About IMAX:
IMAX, or Image Maximum, a large film format and accompanying technology, is one of Canada’s most significant contributions to film history. Coming out of Expo ‘67 and originally called Multiscreen the IMAX corporation was developed by Graeme Ferguson, Roman Kroiter, Robert Kerr and William C. Shaw. The first-ever IMAX film Tiger Child was created for Expo ‘70 in Osaka, Japan. It was following this success that Cinesphere was built - the world’s first permanent IMAX theatre. Designed by Eb Zeidler as part of the original features of Ontario Place, Cinesphere opened in 1971 screening North of Superior, created for the occasion by IMAX founder Graeme Ferguson.