Jennie Suddick & Cole Swanson





Sep 15 - 25



Project Description:
Jennie Suddick and Cole Swanson’s Kuckucksuhr is an architectural intervention that transforms the watchtower of Ontario Place’s Wilderness Adventure log ride into a cuckoo clock. Using seeds and light to beckon migratory bird species to the installation, Suddick and Swanson reimagine the passage of time in natural terms—rather than a robotic cuckoo, the migratory species that move through and feed off the structure come to represent hourly cycles. Conceived as a critique of human conceptions of progress, Kuckucksuhr questions the human-made nature-scape of Ontario Place, reflecting on the desire to control, tame, and represent nature. Re-signifying the watchtower as a space of natural transition and reclamation, Kuckucksuhr creates an opportunity for complex natural patterns of life to surface in an otherwise artificial environment.

Jennie Suddick and Cole Swanson have established a creative partnership around explorations of nature and culture. Both Swanson and Suddick are the recipients of numerous grants and awards and have exhibited work locally and internationally. Jennie Suddick’s practice has investigated community-based conceptions of nature and architecture. Her work deals with issues of identity, place and mediated relationships with nature. Increasingly, community engagement and interactivity are prevalent considerations in her research. Her other collaborations include Crazy Dames ( with Sara Udow that bridges art and urban planning, creating a dialogue that embraces the role of the artist in interdisciplinary projects. She is currently an Assistant Professor at OCAD University where she is also Associate Chair, Contemporary Drawing and Print Media.

Cole Swanson’s research into interspecies relationships has resulted in large-scale mixed media and interactive installations. Using field recording, sculpture, and painting, he has negotiated connections to non-human worlds. Through both artistic and scientific methodologies, Swanson's work attempts to bridge gaps between human and non-human agents, consumers and the consumed. Swanson is full time faculty and Program Coordinator for Art Foundation, Humber College and sits on the editorial board for the forthcoming Canadian Journal of Applied Research.