Tanya St-Pierre & Philippe-Aubert Gauthier



The Phantom Production - La production fantôme


Sep 18 02:00 PM

Sep 21 07:00 PM

Sep 25 07:00 PM


Cinesphere presented by Air France

Cinesphere presented by Air France

Cinesphere presented by Air France


Film & Video

Artist Details

Project Description:
Tanya St. Pierre and Philippe-Aubert Gauthier’s diptych video, The Phantom Production, explores the cultural meanings of realism and photorealism. Using video footage, realistic synthetic images, and camera tracking, the piece questions the future of fabrication tools, and examines the human lust for accuracy and the seductiveness of illusion.

T. St-Pierre works in performance art, drawing, painting, collage, sculpture, digital photography, sound art, experimental music and video art. St-Pierre's artistic statement is based on questioning notions of representation and cultural artifact. Her work was first dedicated to the exploration of potential links between installation art and narrative strategies. After few years, her investigation of fiction brought her to a new approach to storytelling and fiction. This approach is now extracted from a determinist, fictitious, and diegetic proposition, and tends towards more conceptual and poetic propositions. St-Pierre is especially interested in subjects that relate to historical human conditions and turmoils which relate to the cultural history: traces and sediments of social pathologies.

Gauthier's art practice is related to his profiles: Sound and digital artist, junior mechanical engineer, M.Sc, Ph.D. in acoustics, and researcher in acoustics (spatial sound reproduction). His artist statement is based on the interactions of arts, cultures, sciences, and technology in an integrated research agenda where each of these fields and related knowledge are used as primary materials for the development of art and musical pieces that directly address, through an experiential approach, the social constructions of technology and technologically-related culture within a critical framework.