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Following an extended teaching journey in Europe, Richard Martin aka medicineman, staked his tent in the studio of CIUT radio in the heart of downtown Toronto. That radio program, NO MAN'S LAND has earned a reputation among a loyal audience for unique, groove-driven explorations into the evolution of world music & global electronica. As one of the top DJ's in Canada, medicineman's weekly CIUT Radio show, "No Man's Land" has recently earned a DJ Stylus Award nomination.

Indo-Arabic dub to Afro-Latin funk - sets flow seamlessly from soothing ancient rhythms and textures through rippling primitive & progressive beats. Sets always challenge cultural boundaries & musical traditions. This genre-bending mixology has generated a massive throng of listeners locally and internationally + continues to win fans over the airwaves and on the dance floors. NO MAN'S LAND is considered by many to be the top world fusion radio show in Canada.

DJ medicineman works closely with a number of clubs and promoters on local and international concerts & parties and works consistently as educator, radio producer and DJ. He is instrumental in pushing global music forward. He exposes the international airwaves to the best emerging & established artists in the scene. DJ medicineman's recipe is to diligently seek out the finest independent grooves, hook into the leading music labels and spread a weekly healing dose to the masses. Music is indeed our medicine.