Chango Spasiuk



Sep 17 06:45 PM


Small World Music Stage presented by Exodus Travels



Artist Details

Although music belonging to Argentina’s folklore is often disparaged, it gathers a wide range of wealthy forms. A few great artists were and still are fervent defenders of this diversity revealing it in their country and worldwide. Chango Spasiuk is one of them, the unquestionable chamamé’s master, known by all in South America. Chamamé was born from traditional and rural music played by bands of 2 to 5 musicians integrating the accordion or the bandoneon, the violin, the guitar, the cajon and sometimes the double bass. The New York Times has reported: “Spasiuk’s version of chamamé... dresses up the old rural dance tunes, with chamber music tinged arrangements that use sighing violin lines and delicate accordion voicings, along the lines of what the towering Argentine composer Astor Piazzolla did with tango. But Mr. Spasiuk also preserves the music’s six-beat bounce and vitality, with passages that huff and scurry the length of his keyboard.”. Chango Spasiuk has collaborated with a wide range of artists from all over the world, and has performed in many countries throughout Europe, Asia, and also the United States. Now more than ever, Chango Spasiuk wishes to develop his international career in order to disclose more and share this music he embodies with modernity, innovation and high standards.